6 Kings Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

6 Kings Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Have you ever notice there are 6 kings on mobile legend. thought about who runs Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? It looks like there are a lot of kings showing off on the battlefield. Let’s look at the list of kings and queens and meet these powerful leaders!

6 Kings Mobile Legends: Bane, the Frozen King

Bane, the Frosty Ruler, is first. This cold character makes the field feel cold. Because he can freeze things, he’s always ready to take the throne and chill out his enemies. Bane is very cold, almost ice-cold.

6 Kings Mobile Legends: Sun: King of the Monkeys

Sun, the Monkey King, is next in line. Even though he has a sly grin on his face, this simian ruler is very serious. Sun moves quickly and has a lot of clones to help him. He is like the king of the jungle. Get ready to go crazy over this royal monkey!

Estes: The King of the Moon Elves

Let’s talk about Estes, the king of the elves. This magical king heals and watches over his friends with a touch of moon magic. Estes is the person to go to if you want a support queen with a touch of the divine. Respect the Moon Elf King!

Zhask is the leader of swarms.

Come in Zhask, the ruler of the swarm. This boss, who looks like an insect, is in charge of a huge army of deadly servants. With his swarm by his side, Zhask takes over the fight. This shows that having bugs on your side can be helpful sometimes. Don’t mess with the King of Swarms; he’s not afraid to bug his enemies!

6 Kings Mobile Legends: Martis: The King of Ashura

Here comes Martis, the King of Ashura. Mardis is a powerful person with fiery hands and an unbreakable spirit. This king will not back down from a fight. His fiery drive makes him stand out as a royal warrior in battle. Asura King is coming, get ready for heat!

Kaja: The Sun King of Nazar

The last person is Kaja, the Nazar Noble. Kaja leaps into action to control the flow of the game. She has wings that can fly. This majestic eagle is all about planning moves and being the best in the sky. The Nazar King is in charge, so bow down to him!

6 Kings Mobile Legends: In conclusion

There you have it: the MLBB! People whose names end in “king” bring their own style to the world of video games, whether they’re in the middle of the jungle or the frozen wastes. When you go into the field again, keep an eye out for these kings. You might find one that fits the way you like to play. Let’s play SLOT GAMPANG MENANG!