Inverted Jenny: Rare Stamp Sells for Over $2 Million at Auction

A super rare stamp just got sold for a whopping $2 million! This super rare stamp, known as the ‘Inverted Jenny,’ was part of a big stamp collection auction.

Historical Background

Let’s travel back to 1918 when a sheet of 100 stamps, including the ‘Inverted Jenny,’ was sold for just $24. Imagine that! The stamp made to celebrate the first airmail route. But, uh-oh, there was a little mistake – the plane print upside down! They decided to keep only this one sheet, making it super rare and famous.

Record-Breaking Sale

Guess what? This stamp just set a new record by selling for over $2 million at an auction! The people who organized the auction say it’s the best ‘Inverted Jenny’ stamp ever. It got a super high grade and is in the same condition as when it first sold 105 years ago.

Unique Qualities of the Stamp

The stamp is like a superstar among stamps! It’s the best one out of 100, making it extra special. The people who ran the auction are sure no other stamp can beat this one. That’s why it sold for such a huge amount – over $2 million!

Previous Sales

This isn’t the first time they sold ‘Inverted Jenny’ stamps. In 2005, a block of four stamps went for $2.7 million, and in 2018, another one sold for $1.35 million. The person in charge of the auction, Scott Trepel, has handled lots of these stamps and sold some more than once.

Comparison with Previous Auctions

Another auction in 2021 sold four ‘Inverted Jenny‘ stamps for almost $5 million. But Trepel says the one they just sold is even better! So, this sale is a big deal in the stamp-collecting world.


Imagine having a stamp that’s worth over $2 million! The ‘Inverted Jenny’ stamp is super special because of its history, how rare it is, and its excellent condition. Stamp collectors really wanted this one, and that’s why it set a new record at the auction. Stamp collecting seems like a pretty exciting hobby!