Revealing Selena Weaknesses in Mobile Legends

Revealing Selena Weaknesses in Mobile Legends

Selena Bad Points in Mobile Legends

In the magical world of Mobile Legends, Selena, the Shadow Witch, is very good at magic and amazes everyone. Other players can use your weak spots against you, though. Like a ghost that moves between light and dark all the time, Selena has a weak spot in Mobile Legends that lets her enemies attack. She is beautiful and strong, but she has flaws that we need to show her.

Weak spots in the body make it easy to hit.

An easy weakness of Selena is that she gets hurt easily. She’s a long-range mage, so her body isn’t very strong. This makes it easy for enemies to hit her directly. Anyone who is good at what they do will be able to see Selena’s weakness and quickly close in on her. She won’t expect this. She needs to stay out of harm’s way, work with her team, and find people who can help her stay safe.

Not So Quick on Her Feet: Having Trouble Moving Around

Also, Selena has trouble getting around. She can move faster when she’s in her shadow form, but she can only get away so fast. This is simple for enemies who can control or limit her moves to use against her. Selena needs to be very careful about when and where she attacks. The enemy could trap her if she isn’t careful about where she stands or who she attacks.

Pooling of skills It’s hard to become dependent.

It’s also important for Selena to use her skills in the right order. She is very strong because her Abyssal Trap, Abyssal Arrow, Shadow Form, and Phantom Projector all work well together. But these moves are hard to get good at. To get the most out of these skills, they need to learn them and use them a lot. Because of this flaw, Selena is at her best when played by skilled professionals who want to make her shine.

The problem with Healing Heroes is that they can let other people attack you.

Last but not least, Selena doesn’t do well against heroes who can heal and defend well. The enemy could heal or use strong skills if she can’t beat them all at once. Heroes who can heal a lot, like Estes or Rafaela, can get her into a lot of trouble if she doesn’t deal with them right away.

To sum up, Selena in Mobile Legends is pretty and strong, but she can still be Beat. Being physically weak, not being able to move around easily, relying on tricky skill combos, and being open to heroes who can heal them are all weaknesses that players should be aware of. As a Mobile Legends player, you need to know about and work around these flaws in order to get the most out of Selena.

What you can do to get around Selena weaknesses in Mobile Legends

Tips on How to Get Selena’s Real Power

It is important to know that Selena, the Shadow Witch in Mobile Legends, has flaws that need to be carefully dealt with. But there is a way to get better at everything. In Mobile Legends, let’s look at ways to get around Selena’s flaws and find the power that’s hidden behind her.

Don’t get too close to each other and work together to stay safe.

It is best to stay away from Selena and use her long-range hitting to get around her weak body. Stay out of direct fights if you want to stay alive. Come together as a group to protect Selena, and pair her up with heroes who can help and keep her safe. In that case, Selena can focus on being a dangerous killer.

How to Move Around With Shadow Form: How to Make the Most of Shadow Form

Also, you need to be smart about how you use Shadow Form to get around Selena’s movement problems. How to avoid enemy attacks and get out of traps that make it hard to move? Learn when to turn into a VTBET shadow. She can also work with supporting characters that can help her get things done, like Angela, who can speed her up. She can use all of these skills together to speed up or slow down fights and avoid enemy traps.

“Practice makes perfect”: Doing hard things a lot will help you get good at them

Once you know how to use Selena’s skills better, you should practice a lot and really understand her moves. Learn how to use the Abyssal Trap, the Abyssal Arrow, Shadow Form, and the Phantom Projector so that Selena can lead fights better. Ask for help from other Mobile Legends players or learn from Selena players who have played longer. Selena can deal with her problems and use her skills very well if she keeps practicing and learns a lot.

Quickly turn off enemies that heal: this will fix the issue of healing heroes being weak.

Finally, to deal with the weakness against heroes who heal, it’s important to stop enemies quickly and work together to fight this threat. As you plan your attacks, use heroes like Natalia, whose skills can stop or slow down enemy healers, to get the most out of them. Selena can always put pressure on her enemies by taking advantage of their flaws.

To find her true power in Mobile Legends, Selena needs to get better at these moves that make her weak. Selena can become a strong Mobile Legends hero if she waits, doesn’t give up, and works with other people. Flaws are challenges that can be overcome if you have a strong will and stick with it.